Melville Intermediate School offers a balanced and exciting curriculum. We have combined Year 7 and Year 8 classes. Our programme is carefully planned and integrated over the two years and we provide innovative programmes that promote restorative and non-bullying behaviours. Each classroom offers enrichment and extension opportunities for all students.

All class teachers cover the core learning areas with special emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Within the classroom programme, teachers cater for each student’s academic needs and focus on progress and personal excellence. Teachers work hard to encourage positive and productive relationships within their classes. We monitor each child’s progress carefully and adjust the teaching to provide a personalised programme of learning. Students are encouraged to work hard in well disciplined and stimulating classroom environments. 

Specialist technology and music programmes are available to all students through our Tech Arts programme. Students experience different technologies across the year including the traditional Food and Hard Materials technology. 

A digital learning environment and computer access is provided to all students at no cost to parents. Each class has a set of ChromeBooks available; however, students are encouraged to bring their own device (BYOD) if they choose.