MIS & MHS Restructure


Melville High School Board of Trustees and Melville Intermediate Board of Trustees have agreed to work together to improve the education opportunities for the Year 7 – 13 students in South West Hamilton.

Both boards have independently requested that the Minister of Education endorse the Boards working together to plan for the restructuring of education delivery for rangatahi (Year 7 – 13) in South West Hamilton, to provide a rich and exciting 21st Century curriculum and to accommodate projected growth.

Both Boards have approved in principle the formation of a single Board of Trustees. To facilitate this process they have set up an interim Working Party of representatives from both Boards.

The Working Party will lead the consultation and information processes.

The schools will be collaborating with the Ministry of Education, staff, students, whaanau, mana whenua, and the broader community to help shape and develop what such a solution could look like.